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With the aim of raising awareness about short-term investments, the Capital division of our company came into being. This division caters to our foreign clients - those with or without prior investments. They can be of either kind- those who are looking at investing in properties on a short-term basis or otherwise. The one-shot capital appreciation model allows investors to make great profits in one go, as opposed to a long-term rental income model. We have identified both individuals and entities who are eager to engage and invest in opportunities that offer large returns in one go, instead of those that give them a somewhat fixed 5-6% return over multiple years.

For such investors, we propose opportunities such as:

  • ● Purchasing properties in bulk
  • ● House Flipping
  • ● Developments

House Flipping

Bulk Deal

Inhouse Development

Over the years we have developed a strong brand name and reputation within the real estate market for commercial and residential properties. This has pushed us to take things up a level by aiming to become the one-stop solution for all your property needs.

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