Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

Summer is officially over and that means it’s time to get started on your preparation for winter in Dubai. Our homes usually accumulate more dust and dirt during the summer season in Dubai, our appliances and electronic systems need repair and more often break down if not looked after.

At Nexus Technical, we want to give you some home maintenance tips to prepare for the winter season in Dubai.

HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

HVAC systems are not particularly meant for summer but also for winter. While winter in Dubai accelerates the breeding of dreadful microorganisms and dirt build-up, the air ducts and ventilation systems should be clean. Otherwise, there are chances of allergies and diseases weakening your immunity.

Accordingly, change the air filters every 90 days. The healthy and steady airflow ensures that you don’t experience allergens and musty odors at all during winter in Dubai. Also, the furniture and flooring would remain clean for the entire winter effectively.

Extra care for carpets and rugs

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

Rugs and Carpets normally gather the most dust whether they are kept away during the summer or exposed. Of course, vacuuming or sweeping our carpet benefits in reducing some of the dirt but we constantly recommend having professional carpet cleaning twice a year, especially after the summer season.

Add some greens

Everyone loves having some plants around! They do not occupy too much of our space, add lush colors and freshness to our homes or offices, and most importantly plants can significantly purify your air quality.

Research studies have shown that certain indoor plants can eliminate a lot of pollutants that are considered an environmental risk to public health. Additionally, plants and bushes can be very easy to maintain indoors.

Revive your backyard/garden to enjoy outdoors

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

We are blessed every year with a winter in Dubai that allows us to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest. But before arranging that anticipated BBQ dinner and inviting our friends over, ensure that you have the outdoor sofas, chairs, tables, and grill cleaned from all that dust.

Redo your landscape garden and revive dull plants/grass for a lush green setting for all the outdoor fun you are looking forward to.

Quick tips: Contact our experts to do a thorough cleanup and renovation of your backyard and outdoor furniture or refurbish them.

Organize the closet/home interiors

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

It is manageable to keep everything at home within our reach although we may not need it. What we might not realize is that the more clothes and items we have lying around the more dust accumulates in our homes during winter in Dubai.

Go over your closet and some home items that you haven’t used in months and store, pack, or tuck them away. Decluttering your space is always healthier and gives you more space that will definitely relax your nerves.

Make your windows reflect your vibes

A fogged and smudged window will never bring a festive and cozy mood. Additionally, those spider webs and specks of dust are always unwanted. Eventually, the sunlight should penetrate through your windows and brighten up your space.

Therefore, start with the window frames and sliding doors of your balconies. Don’t miss an inch of the frames and glass. You can use a vacuum cleaner as well to get rid of all that dirt accumulated in the corners. Furthermore, use a dedicated window cleaner/repair expert for experiencing smudge-free, as well as streak-free windows.

Remember, do not use water; or else, you’ll have to repeat the entire process to sweep water stains. Let all those cleaned windows dry on their own. Additionally, cleanse the shutters and curtains or other small windows.

Maintain the water tank and heater

Perfect Winter In Dubai: Home Maintenance Tips & Advice 2022

Unlike numerous countries that have the benefit of water directly to tap, residents in Dubai living in villas receive water through a tank and pump system. The drawback of water tanks is that debris and other contaminants can accumulate over time. Getting your tank cleansed annually will ensure that the water supply to your home remains safe and clean.

Rearrange the cupboards and complete unfinished tasks

It is time to unearth the cupboards, get rid of clutter, and finish those odd chores that you couldn’t finish earlier before the start of winter in Dubai. Do you still have pictures hanging on the wall from when you moved in? New decorative items that need to be arranged? Do your rooms need a fresh coat of paint?  Your home will feel fresh and new in no time with a quick spring renovation with Nexus Technical Services.

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