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Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time

There are many interior design styles, with the list ever-changing. In getting to know some of the best styles, you’ll reasonably understand what styles stand out to you and meet your choices. Some of them are trends and others are timeless classics that retain their glory. Each style is composed of distinctive furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories that provide each classic with its trademark look.

Pay attention to which inspirational interior design elements appeal to your creative soul. In addition to conducting your research, it is important to put your personal interior design style in perspective. You can make it easier than ever with the help of interior design services and consultation by Nexus Interiors. We offer interactive interior design style evaluation and are equipped with experts to deliver bespoke services. So, let’s explore some extraordinary decorating styles to narrow down your choices for good!

Top 7 interior design styles in Dubai 2022

Provided you have several interior design styles to pick from, it might seem hard to know what’s the best. But there are certainly certain types of interior design styles that have remained timeless. Here are the top classic styles we take pride in taking inspiration from in 2022.


Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Get Free Consultation

Bohemian style, often abbreviated as “boho,” pulls together a combination of textures and patterns to create an effortless look. While bohemian interiors blend bold patterns, they’re neutralized with simple pops of color. There’s a lot of texture in the bohemian style, often using materials like rattan which adds a distinctive look that doesn’t contrast with bold patterns.

Interior design style origins: 19th-century, France
Style history: This interior style was initiated by French artists — also known as bohemians — who appreciated creativity over luxury.
Key design elements: Texture, pattern
Style advice: Select a large neutral element, like a simple couch or table, and build your bohemian-styled room around it.


Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Minimalist Interior Design Style

Minimalist interior design is characterized by bright spaces, simple decor, and open-concept interiors. Usually, these interiors are primarily white to maintain a clean appearance.
The minimalist style is about retaining simplicity, so less is truly more. Your space does not have to be completely devoid of decor, however, it shouldn’t feel cluttered. Focus on designing clean lines so there’s zero distraction to your peace.

Interior design style origins: 1950s Germany & the United States
Style history: Many consider minimalist style to have evolved from the utility of Bauhaus design but with pared-down decoration.

Key design elements: Space, line, brightness
Style advice: Use stylish storage solutions like hidden drawers or a simple storage ottoman footstool to keep your space clutter-free.


Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Cottage Interior Design Style

Cottage interiors merge classic and rustic features to evoke a simpler theme, making this style perfect for a second home. Features like wood furnishings and natural stone anchor the cottage interior spaces together, but you can transform any space into a cottage with elements like handmade textiles or vintage furniture.

Interior design style origins: 18th-century Germany
Style history: This style is a classic and calls back to historic German farmland, attractive to anyone who wants a traditional-feeling space.

Key design elements: Light, texture, classic
Style advice: Scout out unique vintage pieces and furniture to make this style feel like home.

Mid-Century Modern

Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style

Mid-Century Modern design is distinguished by its mix of lines and soft forms. It demonstrates what people thought the future would look like, making this a timeless choice.
Choose a blend of bold Mid-Century Modern furniture and another type of interior design into your interior decor to keep the perfect balance of old and new.

Interior design style origins: 1950s United States of America
Style history: Although this style has been around since the 50s, Cara Greenberg was the first to name the timeless style Mid-Century Modern in her 1984 book, “Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s.”

Key design elements: Form, line, pattern
Style advice: Use elegantly smart pops of color and trendy bronze accents to prevent your Mid-Century Design from looking outdated.


Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Organic Interior Design Style

Organic interior design is especially dependent on form. It’s characterized by a light neutral color palette, natural decor, and soft edges. These spaces use these elements to create an open and airy space.
Though organic rooms are often bright, they’re not overwhelming since beige and cream tones are preferred over bright white colors. Working in lots of plants via biophilic design is another way organic design can be more grounded.

Interior design style origins: 1930s United States
Style history: Organic design’s popularity is often credited to architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose signature style integrated natural elements into his structures.

Key design elements: Form, light, color, space
Style advice: Decorate with parched flowers to obtain both texture and color from your organic interior.


Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Coastal Interior Design Style

Coastal style is a favored choice for, well, coastal or waterfront properties, as it reflects the beachy atmosphere inside. Use features like sheer curtains and pops of light blue color to keep your space feeling light and flowy.
The key here is to lean into the aquatic-themed decor so you consistently feel the same peace of lounging by the waves on the beach, even if the sand’s not right on your doorstep.

Interior design style origins: Unknown
Style history: Coastal design is one of the oldest interior design styles. Its origin is hard to pin down, as it’s developed from many sub-styles of worldwide coastal regions.

Key design elements: Space, color, light
Style advice: Integrate natural beachy elements like driftwood and sea glass to bring a bit of the coastal atmosphere.

Art deco

Top 7 Interior Design Styles Of All Time | Art Deco Interior Design Style

Art deco is distinguished by its use of geometrical patterns, jewel tones, and accentuating lines. It’s expected to fill the space with several statement pieces by using similar patterns to tie your interior together.
Another exceptional feature is attractive lighting like geometric chandeliers or floor lamps. While many interiors are colorful, they’ll typically stick to just one contrasting color to keep it from overwhelming the space.

Interior design style origins: 1910s France
Style history: Although art deco design attained its popularity peak in the United States in the 1930s, it originated in France a little earlier.

Key design elements: Pattern, line, color
Style advice: Select one simple shape to repeat in various patterns.


Before initiating an interior design style into your plan, ensure that you research deeper about each of the styles and how diverse they are from one another. Design styles are plentiful and unique, Nexus Interior makes it uncomplicated for you to find the interior design style that will work best for you. There is also the option of combining components of several styles in order to give your interior a personalized feeling.

Together, we create beautiful homes. If you would like to consult with Nexus Interior on design elements to enhance your home décor, kindly contact us!

You can find more interesting interior design ideas on our Nexus Group’s Pinterest.

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