6 Famous Real Estate Myths You Need To Know (Complete Guide)


A myth is “any created story, notion, or concept,” It doesn’t necessarily make something true just because you read it online. The same is accurate for any matter that you overhear a family member or coworker discussing.

Although real estate misconceptions are all too frequent, they can be “debunked” with the right information. What myths could possibly exist in real estate, you might be wondering. The following list of 10 real estate myths that the general public frequently hears and misinterprets is presented in no particular order.

Myth no 1: Real estate brokers are all the same

The idea that all real estate brokers are the same is one of the most widespread fallacies in the industry. This fallacy may cause buyers and sellers to choose the wrong real estate agent to look out for their interests. Each agent possesses a unique set of abilities, levels of experience, and personality qualities.

For instance, a real estate agent with two years of experience selling real estate who only represents purchasers won’t have the same skill set as an agent with 20 years of expertise marketing waterfront property.

Real estate agents who work with sellers and agents who work with buyers have quite different responsibilities.

Myth no 2: All real estate brokers are extremely wealthy

Real estate agents that are successful can earn a very great living. The time, money, and effort required of top-producing real estate brokers is considerable. The idea that all real estate brokers make enormous sums of money is a widespread one in the industry.

It is widely accepted that real estate brokers always receive 6% of a home’s sale price. That is untrue. The proportion of commission that real estate brokers receive is influenced by a variety of factors. First and foremost, a commission is a negotiable item. Any real estate agent who claims differently is probably breaking the law.

Myth no 3: A home should be set to allow for negotiations when being sold


One of the top 3 essential aspects of selling a house is determining the right price. Pricing a house incorrectly might be “the kiss of death.” Real estate sellers frequently commit a number of price errors. One of these frequent pricing errors also happens to be a well-known urban legend about real estate.

Price a house more expensively to leave an opportunity for discussions with a prospective buyer. If a seller accepts this real estate myth, it could result in a lot of aggravation and a home that takes a while to sell. You must comprehend the qualities of today’s buyers if you plan to sell your house. The real estate sector has been significantly impacted by the internet. Due to the vast amount of information available online, people are more knowledgeable and aware than ever.

A buyer won’t waste their time touring a house that is thousands of dollars overvalued. The majority of buyers will be aware that your home is overpriced and may decide not to look at it, therefore you need to be aware of this before listing it at $25,000 more than a top-producing real estate agent advises in order to allow for “negotiation.”

Myth no 4: When purchasing a home through the selling agent, you probably get a better deal


A first-time home buyer may find the process of purchasing a home to be particularly challenging. You must have a terrific real estate agent fighting for your interests while purchasing a home. It’s a frequent misconception in real estate that working with the selling agent can get you a better deal on the house when you’re buying it. This fallacy is based on the idea that since the listing agent is getting paid on both “sides” of the transaction, they will reduce the percentage of their commission.

Sounds like the perfect situation for a buyer, no? Wrong. The listing agent is still representing the seller, which a buyer might not realize. While they do need to treat everyone with honesty, fairness, and ethics, and there are undoubtedly real estate experts that can be trusted to represent both sides, it must be remembered that the listing agent still has to look out for the sellers’ best interests.

If you hire a listing agent to purchase a home, take into account how stubbornly they will bargain with the seller—who also happens to be their client—over the asking price. The same applies to any talks based on the results of the home inspection. It’s possible to get a better price by employing the listing agent, but the representation that will be provided should be the main factor to be considered.

Myth no 5: Selling a house “For Sale By Owner” can save you a ton of money

The main factor for homeowners to list their property “for sale by owner” (FSBO) is the significant financial savings they will experience. This is a typical housing myth. Many homeowners who attempt to sell their homes for sale by owner (FSBO) think it’s simple. It would be nice if selling a house was as easy as posting a for-sale sign in the yard, listing it on the Multiple Listing Service, and waiting for it to sell. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Myth no 6: Once you’ve found your ideal home, you complete the pre-approval process


For real estate professionals, the myth of finance is one of the most difficult to debunk. Many homebuyers think that they may wait to get pre-approved until they have located the ideal residence. There are several reasons why this is a grave error.

Before looking at houses, a buyer should and would like to be pre-approved for a mortgage. It can take a lot of time and be exhilarating, frustrating, and many other things. Get a pre-approval from a mortgage lender before beginning a thorough search for the ideal home to reduce the likelihood of any disappointment down the line.

A buyer may be devastated if they find a house they adore, submit an offer, and have it accepted only to learn later that their mortgage application was turned down.

Before locating their ideal property, buyers should get pre-approved for a mortgage in case that perfect home is the subject of multiple offers. A scenario with many offers is both a seller’s and a buyer’s worst nightmare. In a situation where there are many offers, the buyer who has been pre-approved has a major edge.

The average person commonly believes the fallacies mentioned above regarding real estate. Although it’s easy to see how these real estate myths might be true, they are really not.

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