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It takes a lot of planning and preparation to get a house ready for a display. Many sellers go to great lengths to make their houses look like something straight out of an interior design magazine in an effort to attract potential buyers. People spend a great deal of time, money, and effort to arrange their houses in a way that would set them apart from other property sellers in the market, from clearing the area to painting the vivid walls with a neutral color.

On the other side, visiting a property gives prospective home buyers the ideal chance to win over the seller. After all, there aren’t many things as unpleasant as discovering the owner chose another buyer after finally locating your dream property.

Therefore, how should you conduct yourself during a home tour so that the seller has a positive opinion of you? The solution is straightforward: avoid criticizing the residence or its furnishings. It is generally advisable to keep your negative comments to yourself, even if you believe the home would need some improvements or wouldn’t suit your lifestyle needs. Of course, you may talk to your real estate agent later about these issues, but you might not want to lay everything out in front of the seller.

Since we’ve already discussed what to look for while visiting a home (and what not to), it’s time to discuss some of the things potential buyers should avoid saying while viewing a home.

Do not say this when viewing a home


A home viewing provides an excellent chance to establish a positive rapport with the seller. We have compiled a list of things you shouldn’t say when seeing a home to assist you in achieving that goal.

“I am not a big fan of decor”

People decorate their homes in ways that they find appealing. While some people may enjoy stronger colors and maximalist designs, others could prefer neutral colors and minimalist décor.

However, as a prospective house buyer, you should place more emphasis on a property’s layout and architectural features than on its interior design, which can be changed once you move in.

Therefore, it might not be a good idea to reject a home or apartment because you don’t like the décor choices the existing owner has made. Additionally, keep in mind that a careless jab or unjustified criticism may mean the difference between getting your dream house or not. Therefore, if you are happy with the design of the home and believe it would be ideal for your family, be sure to make a note of the details you would like to modify so that you can talk about them later.

Real estate gurus claim that imagining you grew up with this style of decor is a useful tactic for keeping your mouth shut. It would stop you from making any mistakes.

“I have found my dream home”

It is advised to keep the conversation basic and light when seeing a home with the owner. In the long run, it can be detrimental if you spend the entire tour praising the property’s characteristics and how it would be the ideal home to raise a family. The smallest indication of interest from a buyer prompts agents and sellers to negotiate a larger offer, which may have a significant impact on your budget.

In other words, if the seller finds out you’ve found your dream house, they’ll want to sell it for more money. So, according to property viewing etiquette, potential buyers shouldn’t be overly gushing in their compliments.

Even if the property immediately captures your heart and fulfills every requirement on your house viewing checklist, please be careful what you say to the seller. If you don’t, you can end up sacrificing your negotiation position, which is the last thing you want to do. Instead, think about keeping your admiration within the walls of your own house.

Why are you trying to sell this house?

This one might have two edges. As a buyer, you might be curious as to why the existing owner decided to list their home. You might worry whether they are moving due to the neighborhood or whether there has been hidden structural damage to the home. However, instead of approaching the owner directly when looking for a house, it is always a good idea to do so in front of the real estate agent.

Even though it might not seem that way, a person may be forced to sell their property for a variety of reasons, some of which can be quite upsetting.

For instance, a person may decide to sell their personal items, including their property, as a result of a death in the family, a job loss, a divorce, debt, or other financial difficulties. All of these, though, are private issues, so there’s a strong possibility the seller won’t be eager to talk about them with you.

Therefore, it is best to exercise caution and control your curiosity. Being nice at all times is among the most crucial house-viewing advice. Therefore, you might not want to bring it up in front of the home’s existing owner, even if you think the property you are viewing would require significant renovations in the near future to suit your lifestyle preferences.

It is important to keep in mind that people regularly develop emotional ties to the house they have lived in for a number of years. Thus, criticizing shortcomings when visiting a home may be a little upsetting for the seller. If you struggle with self-control, think about temporarily placing yourself in the seller’s position. Would you appreciate it if a complete stranger entered your home and declared that they would immediately remodel or change everything?

Right, it feels uncomfortable So when potential buyers stop by a house for a quick tour, seasoned real estate agents frequently encourage them to keep their renovation plans to themselves.

Consider taking notes on your phone and discussing them with your family later, whether you don’t like the kitchen counters or would like to demolish the wall separating the cooking section and the living area to create a larger living room.

The last home we saw appeared to look much better


Finding a home can be difficult. To examine at least a few properties before making a decision, nevertheless, is advised. Therefore, it is a good idea to examine a few more homes once you find one that has all the features and amenities you want in order to avoid making a decision too quickly. After all, purchasing a home is a significant financial achievement.

In conclusion, visiting a home gives purchasers a great chance to stand out from the competitors and build a good relationship with the seller. However, it shouldn’t be viewed as a chance to haggle over the property’s price because doing so can annoy the seller.

Instead, prospective home buyers should demonstrate to the current homeowners that they value their style and intend to take good care of their homes. Additionally, avoid mentioning that you plan to remodel the property or alter the interior design.

Please feel free to ask us any further questions you may have regarding house viewings.

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