Studio Vs One-Bedroom Apartment: Advantages And Disadvantages 2022


It might be difficult to find the proper kind of apartment that not only meets your list of needs but also your budget, especially if you’re a first-time renter and intend to live alone. Please be aware that you might need to make concessions regarding your preferences or your ability to pay. But if you choose to live in a compact, easier-to-maintain space, you may focus your search and simplify your life. Our comparison of studio vs. one-bedroom apartments will enable you to select the best solution for you.

Studio vs one-bedroom apartment

The differences between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment are sometimes confused for similarities. Let’s first examine the advantages and disadvantages of each before moving on to the distinction between studio and one-bedroom apartments.

A studio apartment is what?

A studio apartment could be considered an open-plan classic flat. Except for the toilet, there are no physical partitions or walls defining the boundaries of the kitchen, living area, and bedroom. Depending entirely on the apartment’s architecture, design, and location, it may or may not feature more than one window and terrace.

For someone who lives alone, is saving to make an asset, or is saving for a rainy day, studio flats are the ideal option. Not everyone can get used to the idea of sharing a room with their kitchen and having no privacy when visitors arrive.

A one-bedroom apartment is what?


The bedroom in a one-bedroom apartment is located aside from the living area. The bedroom is divided from the living room area by a door and a wall. While the dishes may be stacked up in the sink, some apartments have an open kitchen area that is connected to the living room, while others have a closed kitchen section.

One-bedroom apartments are not only roomy, but they also offer seclusion if there is a social event or visitors staying over. Additionally, some people prefer to work remotely in a separate space.

One can make a wise choice by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of both options, even though getting a one-bedroom or studio apartment is a matter of personal preference for a tenant or buyer. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flat.

Decoration and furnishings


An apartment that is furnished will always cost more to buy or rent than one that isn’t. Due to their small size, studio apartments are typically simple to furnish. To reduce hassle during cleaning and upkeep, you can choose a simple style. You may save a lot of money by decorating your home without having to spend a great deal of money.

To make a one-bedroom apartment feel and look like a home, you’ll need items like a bed, a sofa set, and a television. On the other hand, moving in involves some effort because there are designated rooms for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning on a daily basis without help can become challenging for people who work and lives alone. In this situation, living in a studio apartment can be beneficial because there isn’t much furniture or space that needs to be cleaned. Cleaning shelves and counters in the kitchen right after use is advised.

Cleaning one-bedroom flats may take longer, although this is largely dependent on the size of the apartment. Additionally, if there is more furniture, cleaning takes longer. Additionally, dusting can take up a considerable amount of your time, particularly on additional corner tables and shelves.

Space for storage and privacy


Everyone needs storage space in an apartment, but a studio apartment has far too few of them due to its small size and design. For your books, clothes, and other belongings, you might need to purchase portable shelves and closets for yourself, which will raise the expense of your move.

Additionally, privacy is severely constrained in studio dwellings. Due to the compacted layout of a studio apartment’s bedroom, living area, and kitchen, it might be challenging to host small gatherings or parties because the space quickly becomes tight and your bed area may double as seating.

One-bedroom flats are preferable to studio apartments in terms of storage space and solitude. There is enough room for a fixed closet and wall-mounted racks for your belongings, which will save your expenses. Even if you have visitors, you can entertain them in the living room and lock the door to the bedroom, keeping the bed made and reducing the amount of cleanup required later.


Before you write down your needs, you first think about how much you have to spend. Cost-effectiveness is vital to everyone, but it’s particularly crucial for people who only have the means to live modestly and save a small amount of money. When compared to one-bedroom flats, studio apartments are less expensive. You can either save money in your bank or spend it elsewhere.

Studio flats also save money on costs associated with heating, cooling, and energy. Because a studio apartment is smaller than a one-bedroom apartment, it cools and warms the space more quickly during the summer and winter, directly affecting the amount of energy used. A studio apartment could help you save a little bit more money if you wish to supplement your savings.

Moving out

Moving out of an apartment when you live alone might be challenging because it will take longer to pack and move things around.

The advantage of studio apartments over one-bedroom apartments in this situation is that you only need to relocate the necessities and don’t have to worry about excess furniture, artwork, etc. You might be able to move out of the studio apartment without needing a moving truck and just use your automobile to transport your possessions to the new location.

Living in a studio apartment might be challenging because there is just one room available. However, it might be the best option if you spend the majority of your time outside and only use your apartment as a storage unit and a place to sleep at night.

We hope our list of advantages and disadvantages of renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment will assist you in making a well-informed choice. If you intend to live with a roommate, you should generally choose a one-bedroom apartment so that all of your expenses are split in a larger space.

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