Interior Designer’s Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker’s Guide

Interior Designer's Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker's Guide

Are you living in Dubai currently? Assuming you are, it may surprise you to learn how simple it is to find an interior design expert. These are individuals who have completed specialized training to design or remodel the interiors of homes and commercial spaces. They comprehend depth perception, colors, patterns, and a variety of additional details essential to an interior designer’s toolkit.

However, how can you precisely find the ideal interior designer in Dubai for your space? How can you be certain that the interior design experts in Dubai have the necessary experience and skills? However, a few considerations will assist you in selecting the right interior designer according to your preferences.

Consider these points before choosing an Interior Designer in Dubai

Interior Designer's Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker's Guide | Nexus Interior Design Studio

An interior designer is essential for customized home construction or renovation projects of a big scale. There are numerous decisions to be made, which can be hectic without someone who really understands your vision to provide design guidance and tackle the procedure in a structured and organized way.

The best time to add an interior designer to your builder/architect project is during the architectural design phase. Before your design plans and specifications are complete, make sure you have them reviewed by both the builder and the interior designer. Ideally, you should bring your building contractor and interior designer to one or more of your design meetings with the architect. The collaboration that transpires is guaranteed to create the finest version of your future home.

Your builder will be responsible for guiding the design in terms of functionality, budget considerations, and constructability of the property. Your interior designer will incorporate components, big and small, that will enhance the livability and aesthetic of your home’s design. Bringing a dream team of experts together will also give you a window into how each professional communicates and collaborates with each other. This is indeed valuable information for the expedition ahead.

You can find an interior designer for any construction size, budget plan, or project type. Interior designers have a variety of pricing structures and payment packages, so you can figure out what you are most comfortable with for your home design. Even if your budget is constrained, you can still receive a few hours of consultation or assistance sourcing materials or accents in your design for a reasonable price.

Here are some important points to consider before you choose the ideal interior design consultant in Dubai for your specific requirements.

Profession portfolio and scope

Interior Designer's Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker's Guide

An impressive professional portfolio creates a great impression on your mind. An interior design firm that has made an effort to showcase its work portfolio takes pride in its quality and range. Furthermore, a portfolio gives a clear idea of the nature and scale of projects that the team undertakes.

References and reviews

It’s practically as good as gold when you have hired an interior designer through the right reference! Someone with upbeat experience has already done all the heavy lifting and has tried the firm’s services, which makes your job easy. However, there might be distinct benchmarks for every project too.

It primarily depends on the budget, scale, and nature of the business. Someone satisfied with a villa or apartment interior project need not be a good measure for a restaurant or office project.

Mindset alignment

Interior Designer's Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker's Guide

It’s virtually like dating when at the time of discussions, the interior designer is entirely aligned with your line of thoughts and not only comprehends but compliments your original thought or idea! You can be certain that your project is in the best hands when a perfect match of requirements and abilities comes together.


Some of the finest interior designers in Dubai are the ones that have everything under one roof. It facilitates better control over the project in terms of quality and timelines. Having a joinery, fit-out teams, designers, and a project management crew means they have the flexibility to perform with excellent coordination.

Expert consultation

Most good design companies in Dubai have experienced consultants who can give the right guidance regarding budgets, materials, design trends, safety, durability, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. A qualified and experienced consultant is always aligned with global trends, regional sensitivities, environmental concerns, hazard precautions, and security standards compliances.


The sheer qualities of good interior designers are their passion for the craft and deep involvement. They are consistently looking to improvise and stand out from their previous projects and the competition. It indicates they add a distinctive value to every project they manage. These are the great qualities you should look for in an interior designer prior to finalizing a contract.

Effective management and efficient delivery

Dubai’s most structured and organized interior designers have a professional project management crew headed by a senior project manager. They represent the team as a single point of contact for the client for complete project coordination. Having a trustworthy project management team ensures that the client is consistently updated on the progress or brings to light any other problems that need urgent action. A project schedule is precisely adhered to, and all members on board follow the chart dedicatedly to assure timely deliveries.

The difference between Interior Decorators and Interior Designers

Interior Designer's Best Qualities 2022 | Decision Maker's Guide

The core distinction between an interior designer and an interior decorator has to do with the scope of work and specialization.

  • Interior decorators provide aesthetic contributions for completely constructed spaces. If you have no structural work to be done, a decorator can assist you to decide on a style, making personalized selections like wallpaper, paint, and furnishings, choosing lighting fixtures and accessories, or selecting window treatments.
  • Interior designers can provide both decorating assistance and structural design expertise. In addition to the qualifications listed above, interior designers also specialize in delivering design guidance during your project’s architectural design phase, during construction, and much more. They are usually well-versed in working directly with you, the builder, and the architect to make design selections that ensure your desired aesthetic is carried throughout your space.

Interior designers apply innovative, personalized, and specialized solutions to create functional, attractive spaces that fit your style and benefit your quality of life. When working on a design project, interior designers oftentimes include compliance with regional regulations and regulatory requirements while incorporating environmental sustainability. Their designs coordinate with the bones and shell of your new home or the existing shell of a home under renovation.

The differences between interior designers and decorators extend to their training and accreditation as well.

  • Interior designers study color and fabric, computer-aided design, illustrations, space planning, architecture, and furniture design. UAE requires interior designers to pass an exam and register with a governing council in order to practice interior design. They may have a degree in interior design and continually train with an experienced designer before starting their own business.
  • Interior decorators are not required to have a degree, certification, or formal training, especially because they do not have a role in structural design and planning. They focus exclusively on the aesthetics and the look of a space. Interior decorators may have completed courses concentrating on colors, fabrics, and more, but not to the scope of a designer. Certifications for these professionals include Certified Interior Decorators International.

Simply put, interior designers can also decorate often, but interior decorators don’t play a role in creating structural design and making choices.


At Nexus Interiors, we have experienced Interior Designers who possess practical experience and are positioned to provide bespoke services. We understand the complex nature and specific requirements of each project along with the understanding and flexibility to deliver projects with unmatched efficiency. We offer free consultations of a varied nature, especially to give our clients an understanding of interior design trends, materials, commercial viability, and the criticality of finishing, aesthetics, and space management.

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