8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Must Binge-Watch Today

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It’s the perfect time to binge-watch an interior design show on Netflix for design enthusiasts. Given the approaching winter season in the UAE, many of us will be looking to spend more cozy time with our families indoors. Planning home improvement projects in this way would give you more conviction about your interior design choices than ever.

Netflix does not always have to be about binge-watching a nail-biter series or having a movie marathon. If you are looking for some inspiration, the OTT platform has several shows for your creative soul. And what is better than a great interior design show to get your creative juices flowing and find inspiration for your home design? Additionally, they are super entertaining – i.e., the routine of watching these – where primarily the host meets homeowners and maps out a renovation plan followed by a makeover of their homes from scratch is downright soothing.

So, if this engages you, we have shortlisted a few such shows on Netflix that revolve around interior design. Read on and select your favorite to binge on today.

Interior Design Masters

Interior Design Masters | 8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Can Binge-Watch Today

It resembles the show Master Chef, however for interior design enthusiasts. Every week, the 10 competitors contend to have the best interior makeover, as selected by the judges. What keeps the show intriguing is the range of spaces that are renewed. Properties including cafés, & restaurants, apartments, and residential households, have an opportunity to be transformed.

Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover | 8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Can Binge-Watch Today

Fans of Studio McGee’s mark luxury yet-moderate new conventional style will marathon watch the second time of Dream Home Makeover in one evening. Watch as the interior design firm upgrades family households, from cozy houses to fantastic homes. Expression of caution: this one will make you need to renovate your kitchen.

Million Dollar Decorators

The two seasons of Million Dollar Decorators show will totally take your breath away. However, what you ought to focus on particularly is the Interior Design episode highlighting the legendary Ilse Crawford. The Elle Decoration editor-turned-designer has her signature style seep down to picking pieces that look staggering and feel fabulous!

Her work has been featured all around from The Soho House to Michelin-featured restaurants, no wonder it feels livable and very comfortable, and you can tell basically by watching it on television. Crawford will urge you to dispose of your unbalanced bar chairs and loosen up in your softest comforters on a cold winter weekend afternoon. Try not to miss it!

Motel Makeover

Motel Makeovers | 8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Can Binge-Watch Today

April Brown and Sarah Sklash are quite literally experiencing their dreams come true. They are the proud owners of The June Motel which became enormously popular a couple of years ago after they revamped an old motel from start to finish. In any case, it’s not your typical motel, it’s fun, girly, pink, and loaded up with rosé.

In this show, the two women purchased another property in Sauble Beach (Canada) and they are doing something amazing for this property. It’s amusing to check out how everything meets up.

Also, I’ve rewatched this presumably 10x and I actually love it. I genuinely want to believe that they do one more season for Netflix or even explore more about their two properties.

Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation | 8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Can Binge-Watch Today

Have you ever desired to live in a tiny house? Go ahead and live vicariously through the households of Tiny House Nation as they prep for their forthcoming tiny-house life. The hosts are also renovation specialists who create custom-made furniture and storage, demonstrating that you really can find room for entertainment, study, and even a walk-in wardrobe in a small space. If you’re feeling confined in your own space, this show will make you relish every square foot you have.

This series has been quite a hit in recent times. In this television show about homes, the hosts travel across the US with a view to helping families design, construct and assemble their own little dream homes. However, the catch is that the spaces are not an inch larger than 500 square feet. From expensive to cost-effective, they have a solution for every necessity a home requires. It is unlike a typical design series but shows that a lot can be done even in minuscule spaces. This proves that creativity and imagination are more important than the size itself in most circumstances.

Get Organized with the Home Edit

If Tidying Up with Marie Kondo sparked a major operational revamp in your home when it launched back in January 2019, the Home Edit’s Netflix show will inspire you to revive your space too. Watch as the organizing duo tidies up the homes of both celebs (hello, Reese Witherspoon’s closet!) and everyday families. This is the motivation you need to tackle that home makeover.

Stay Here – Netflix

8 Interior Design Shows On Netflix You Can Binge-Watch Today | Stay Here Netflix

A fun beautifully shot series of property makeovers hosted by Real Estate Expert Peter Lorimer and Designer Genevieve Gorder, who travel through various parts of America. The show pleasingly sets the stage for the importance of research at the design stage and other practical lessons to be learned by rental property owners for a more satisfactory guest experience.

Grand Designs

The show that designer and author Kevin McCloud presents, Grand Designs, shows stories of people who have imagined their dream home and brought it to life, entirely on their own effort and planning. The show follows the homeowner’s journey while they conceptualize, design, and implement their plan to create the complete structure. All of this is completely carried out by the owners themselves. Not all of us can build a house (literally) from the ground up, but this series will leave you awe-inspired and wanting to do something with the long-forgotten dream of a comfortable home.

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