Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact

Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact | Best Performing Quarter in Dubai Real Estate

The Dubai property market is one of the most exhilarating in the world. It is a center point for global investments and is home to probably the grandest and most unique development projects in the world. Individuals from around the globe travel here, among which some come just to visit the city as tourists. However, many come to also find their dream properties to invest their wealth offshore or live in as end-users.

That being said, the Dubai property market has gone through a time of change lately and is currently entering another period of development. This is being driven by various elements, yet in any case, it seems to be there will be extraordinary developments to come.

Is it true that you are keen on putting resources into Dubai property? Provided that this is true, here’s a brief glance at what variables will influence the market:

The Expo 2020 impact

The Expo 2020 exhibition has been a significant impetus for development in Dubai. The occasion has drawn in a great number of visitors to the emirate and created billions in economic activity. This, subsequently, encouraged paramount interest in convenience, both for guests and organizations hoping to set up their businesses or settle in Dubai. Furthermore, obviously, those that had the opportunity to visit the expo, after coming to see what Dubai brings to the table, have found a lot of significant factors to consider buying a property in Dubai.

The economic diversification module

Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact | Dubai Diversification Strategy

The Dubai government is seeking a system of economic expansion, which is opening up new areas and setting out new open doors for organizations. This is drawing in investment and talent to the emirate from across the world, which is powering development in the property market.

The increase in population

Dubai’s population is growing multifold every passing year, because of a blend of natural development and incoming migrants. This, clearly, is providing a boost to the demand for housing, both for buying and renting. Simultaneously, properties in certain regions will likewise increase in value and pricing, pushing the property market in a positive direction and towards exponential development.

The improved infrastructure

Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact | Dubai Skyline with Sea

Dubai’s infrastructure is world-class and is continually pushing the boundaries to the next level. This is making the emirate more appealing to organizations and investors. Why? A great foundation isn’t just an indication of the area’s economic prosperity, yet a great infrastructure correspondingly makes living in the area much more convenient. Thus, those hoping to experience a perfect place to experience a splendid lifestyle will come to Dubai. Eventually, this will boost the demand for property and, hence, contribute to the market’s well-being.

The Developing Tourism Industry

Dubai is one of the world’s most famous tourist locations, due to its prominent skyline, lavish way of life, and world-class establishments. The tourism space is developing rapidly, and this is creating rising interest in housing and various new projects.

Dubai hosted 7.12 million global visitors in the first half of 2022, essentially three times the 2.52 million tourists recorded in the same period last year, as it chases its goal to emerge as the world’s most visited destination.

The figures bring the emirate closer to its pre-Covid-19 pandemic levels of 8.36 million arrivals in the first half of 2019, despite the impact of “unprecedented challenges” and “macroeconomic factors” impacting the global economy and tourism sector, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) said in a statement.

Projections and statistics of the Dubai property market in 2023

Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact | Dubai Ultra-luxury Properties

The Dubai property market proceeds with its brilliant run as it produced outstanding figures during the main quarter of the year. Close to 43,000 property transactions were recorded during this period. The joint worth of these property deals was AED 115 billion.

As per real estate insights, these figures show an uprise of 87% when compared with H1 2021. Closing the first half on a record-breaking note, June 2022 registered 8,900 real estate transactions worth AED 22.75 billion.

Keeping the previously mentioned figures in mind, most would agree that the real estate sector of the emirate is cruising at a historical rate. Hence, we should analyze the Dubai property market outlook for H2, 2022, and H1, 2023.

Dubai property market projections for the future

Keeping up with the speed of H1, the H2 of the year similarly initiated on a strong note. July 2022 noticed 7,092 property transactions, which shows a 63.56 percent increment when compared with July 2021. With this, the total number of real estate transactions till the year has arrived at a record-breaking 46,000 approx., the most noteworthy starting around 2009. Having said that, standard property prices remain lower when compared with the peak of the 2014 period.

Considering the growth of the industry, the Dubai property market projection shows that standard prices will see a significant uprise sooner rather than later.

Let us dig further and figure out which factors will have an impact on the overall performance of the Dubai real estate market in H2, 2022, and H1, 2023.

Villas will remain in demand

The villa segment of the market has been driving the real estate sector for two or three years at this point. With every passing quarter, their prices have risen, making them the most sought-after properties in Dubai. Furthermore, the apartment segment has been battling with the price increment staying in the single digit. Nevertheless, the latest stats show promising development in this area too.

As per property specialists, villas in Dubai will keep on dominating the Dubai market. Key regions, for example, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Hills Estate will keep up with their upwards trajectory according to the Dubai property market projection for the near future. These locations and projects are drawing in investors and end-users because of their high return on investments and the premium lifestyle of inhabitants, respectively.

The wave of foreign investors and HNWIs

The Dubai property market has gained fame for being an investor-friendly market for a long time. Yet, ongoing advancements have made it more appealing to investors. HNWIs, as well, favor this market for enhanced security, outstanding growth, and bountiful opportunities.

With relaxed regulation for gold and silver visas in Dubai and several reforms, the market is set to enable easy access and attract investors and HNWIs. This will result in greater investments and better returns on capital invested.

Ultra-luxury properties in demand

There has been an outstanding expansion in the interest for ultra-extravagance properties in Dubai. According to the Dubai property market projection for the final part of the year, specifically, the attraction will keep on heightening. Truly, 2022 is supposed to establish another standard in this area with $10 million or more home deals.

Revealing insight into the H1 information, there were 82 ultra-luxury deals recorded from January to June. These are the properties in Dubai that were sold for more than $10 million. This signifies a huge growth when compared with 2021 since the whole year recorded only 93 deals in this segment. This was a history in itself, which is predicted to be broken effectively in H2 as we are just 11 exchanges behind.

A similar pattern is supposed to go on in H1, 2023 too when we discuss the Dubai property market future. Be that as it may, possibly only time will tell if the upcoming year will eventually break this record or not.

FIFA World Cup 2022 will impact Dubai positively

Dubai Property Market 2023: Top Factors That Will Impact | Fifa World Cup 2022 to Impact Dubai Real Estate
According to Zoom Property Insights reports

Although this massive sporting event is set to transpire in Qatar, the Dubai property market is supposed to profit from it. The most anticipated occasion amongst football fans, FIFA World Cup 2022, will start on November 20 and complete its duration on 8th December 2022.

Dubai will leverage the fact that Qatar doesn’t have the ability to host massive numbers of visitors and football lovers from across the world. The short-term rental market, specifically, will experience a boost during this period. This will derive the overall performance of the Dubai property market in H2, 2022.


To summarize, the Dubai property market predictions for H2, 2022, and H1, 2023 look exceptionally promising. The prices are set to increase and the interest will keep on rising. This makes the market ready for investment from across the world.

These factors are all set to have a positive influence on the Dubai property market in the coming years. We expect to see strong exponential growth in both the residential and commercial sectors, as well as continued investment in iconic developments throughout Dubai. Either way, if you are looking to invest in Dubai real estate, now’s a great opportunity to do so. Just be sure to work with professional real estate agencies to guarantee you get your dream property for the right price and great ROI!

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