Common Mistakes In Bathroom Design And How To Avoid Them- 2022

Common mistakes in Bathroom design to avoid

Contrary to widespread assumption, decorating a bathroom involves more than selecting taps, tiles, and other furnishings. Even though it is likely the most used area of a home, many people pay attention to its color scheme and aesthetics, ignoring its functionality. As a result, they wind up committing bathroom mistakes that may have been prevented relatively easily.

To speak bluntly, these little design flaws can cause you issues in the future and prove to be unpleasant. Not to add that projects involving bathroom remodeling and renovation take a lot of time and money. They can be very stressful and inconvenient.

Therefore, you might want to look at these suggestions on avoiding typical bathroom mistakes whether you’re planning to build a house or are currently renovating one.

Avoid these 5 bathroom design mistakes 


The following are some of the most frequent blunders homeowners make when designing their dream washrooms:

  • Neither a window nor a fan
  • The bathroom taking center stage
  • Lack of storage space Poor lighting design
  • A poor electrical plan
  • Taken the wrong measures

Let’s look at these bathroom design blunders in more detail and discuss some prevention strategies.

Neither a window nor a vent fan

Washrooms are the most humid area in the house, making them excellent places for mold growth. All bathrooms should have sufficient circulation and some natural light for this reason. However, sadly, windows or any other form of ventilation are not typically included in bathroom layout ideas.

The simplest way to prevent making this bathroom design error when building your home is to place the bathroom next to an exterior wall. This will make it simple for you to add a window for natural light and ventilation. Naturally, the window doesn’t have to be enormous, and you’ll need to spend money on curtains and screens for security and privacy. However, this will prevent mold from growing in your bathroom.

You can also install an electric exhaust fan to help with air circulation if that isn’t an option. A lot of these fans have timers and shutters so you can control when they’re open and closed.

The bathroom is taking center stage


When someone walks into your bathroom, they shouldn’t immediately see the toilet. The toilet should be placed either behind the door or to the side, out of sight, to avoid making this bathroom design blunder. Making sure the toilet doesn’t take center stage and is in plain sight every time someone opens the bathroom door is one of the most important bathroom layout errors to avoid.

Additionally, when choosing the location of your toilet, leave at least 8 inches of space on either side. When it comes to plumbing and a few other home improvement tasks, it is advised to employ a professional rather than doing it yourself unless you have done it previously.

Lack of storage space 

One of the most important washroom plans requirements is enough storage space. Make sure there are enough built-in drawers, shelves, and cabinets to store towels, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, soaps, and other items as you finalize the design of your bathroom. Replace the mirror over the sink with a multipurpose medicine cabinet that has a mirror on the front if you’re having trouble with a tight area.

To add some color to the space, you can also choose to open shelves or bring in a storage ladder and decorate them with a few potted plants. Additionally, it will give your washroom a roomy appearance. Put your toiletries in a wicker basket rather than letting them pile up on the washroom counter for a neat appearance and quick access.

A poor lighting plan


Insufficient lighting can make a space appear claustrophobic and narrow, while enough lighting can make a space appear overly bright. Another typical error in bathroom design that most homeowners make is this one. Layout your washroom with a variety of lighting sources to give it a spa-like atmosphere.

LED strips can be put behind the mirror and under cupboards and shelves, as well as hanging pendant lights in the center. They don’t use much electricity, so you won’t notice a difference in your bill, but they do improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Meticulous lighting can provide the impression of a larger room.

Additionally, you can put LED lights on either side of the mirror. As the light will immediately highlight your face, it will help you while applying cosmetics or shaving.

Taken the wrong measures 

Poor designs are primarily the result of inaccurate measurements. It goes without saying that it will cost a lot of money to correct this error.

The majority of people overlook minor details while measuring. They don’t consider things like the distance between the door and the sink, if all the drawers under the sink have enough room to open completely, or whether there is enough space on either side of the toilet for their elbows. It’s one of the largest bathroom layout mistakes to avoid since, no matter how much money you spend on tiles and other furnishings, these things can pretty much ruin the whole appearance of the room.

Make sure that none of the fittings are too big or little to fit and that the door doesn’t crash into the toilet every time you open it. Everything needs to be measured multiple times. Ask your plumber or carpenter to do the same if you’re working with them.

Additionally, even if you’ve hired a professional, it doesn’t harm to double-check the dimensions yourself as it’s one of the most typical blunders people make while renovating their bathrooms. Even while it may seem boring, doing it will save you money, time, and stress.

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