Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Dubai Real Estate Business-2022

Ultimate Beginner's guide to Real Estate in Dubai UAE

The opportunity to start climbing Dubai’s real estate ladder has never been better. Real estate in Dubai offers appealing opportunities whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for sunny climates, a family looking for a growing home, or an investment hoping to profit from a booming market. By reading Nexus blogs, you’ll discover a diverse portfolio in special communities made to fit the lifestyles and life stages that flourish in this most international of cities.

Dubai’s landscape has undergone significant transformations and developments during the last 20 years. The city still has lovely weather and a charming culture, but now it offers an increasing number of appealing advantages:


Dubai International Airport, which is situated halfway between east and west, receives more than 80 million passengers annually who come to experience the city’s unmatched tourism attractions or to confirm its standing as a major international center for commerce and finance.


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The infrastructure of Dubai shows the government’s intention to make this city a hub for innovative projects. Beyond the morphing skyline and aerial vistas, Dubai is a well-connected metropolis with a modern road network, fully automated metro lines, and active bus and tram systems that link every part of the city.


Starting in 2018, international investors in Dubai have been able to own 100% of their companies, and five- and ten-year resident visas have been made available to top students, exceptional talents, and elite professionals. All of this is a part of the Dubai Government’s strategy to strengthen the reputation of the city as an investor-friendly economy.

Lifestyle quality

Modern hospitals abound in Dubai, and all companies are required to provide health insurance to their workers. The city is home to award-winning schools, colleges, and universities, and it currently ranks at the top of lists for safest cities and happy citizens. We are in a great position to suggest to you the ideal home or investment opportunity.

Let’s quickly review the budget-friendly and opulent choices:


Families, first-time buyers, and investors are the best candidates. Studios, townhouses, and villas are the types of properties in Dubailand tucked away from the bustle of crowded neighborhoods, symbolizing the reason why many people choose to live in Dubai: it’s a place to unwind and relax. Dubailand offers a wide range of residences at low and high-end price points and was created with families and first-time property buyers in mind. This community is located close to schools, nurseries, and medical facilities. Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are only a 25-minute drive away. It boasts top-notch leisure attractions, shopping malls, movies, and restaurants.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

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Jumeirah Beach Residence boasts everything you’d expect from a coastal community, including endless sand, an outdoor mall, five-star hotels, and a lively social scene. For individuals who want to wake up to ocean vistas and spend their days and evenings embracing a mix of beach and city living, JBR acts as the ideal setting. JBR is a fantastic option for anyone who needs to commute to the capital because it is situated near the route that leads to Abu Dhabi.

Waterfront at Al Jaddaf

Families, first-time home buyers, wealthy professionals, and investors are the best candidates. Townhouses, villas, studio apartments, and other types of real estate are available here.

Dubai’s historic past and exciting future are connected via the Al Jaddaf Waterfront. The Al Jaddaf Waterfront district, which is situated on the bank of the famed Dubai Creek, combines residential areas with shopping destinations. Al Jaddaf Waterfront is where luxury meets tranquility, whether you pick one of our family townhouses and villas or a modern studio or apartment. For purchasers who travel frequently and want a permanent base in the city, this neighborhood—just 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport—is a top choice.

Enterprise bay

Best for rookie investors and purchasers – Apartment-type properties.

The waterfront property Marasi, which is only a short stroll from Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFIC), is destined to become one of the city’s most prominent showcases.

Marasi, the first purpose-built yacht destination in the world with floating restaurants, an entertainment promenade, and lots of greenery, raises the bar for residential living to new heights. 

Purchase the best

All of these factors combine to make Dubai one of the most sought-after travel destinations. But what about the need for real estate investment while there is a desire to live in the city? Dubai can be regarded as one of the safest investment locations on the global market for the following five reasons:

One: Robust economy

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Dubai’s economy is growing steadily, with last year’s 2.8% growth reflecting the city’s strategic position as a nexus for trade between the east and west. The real estate market has grown significantly, contributing Dhs 27.6 billion to the economy in 2017 compared to Dhs 25.7 billion in 2016.

Two: Value for the money

Over the past two years, property values in Dubai’s market have decreased, as has been the case throughout the world’s real estate market. However, this pattern has changed, and the market is now responding to flattened prices, which represent savings for prospective investors and homeowners.

Three: Soaring population

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Dubai continues to expand. A little over 3.5 million people were residing in the city as of the midpoint of 2022. That number was lower 8 years ago, at 2.2 million, and predictions indicate that the 5-million-mark will be broken in 2027. This is a sizable untapped market for investors looking to rent their properties, especially with laws regarding visas and business ownership targeted to make Dubai an even more appealing site for investment.

Four: Services we offer

Nexus Group offers a distinguished array of services, ranging from Real estate Brokerage Services, to assistance in Buying, Selling, or Renting and Investment. Our innovative & Integrated services include a one-stop solution for homeowners and buyers for all their housing needs. We help transform houses into homes with services including Interior Designing, Technical Services & Maintenance, Property Development, etc. We work to maximize owners’ yield while maintaining residents’ standard of living.

Accordingly, whether you’re looking to buy a house or make an investment in real estate, Dubai is a secure, thrilling, and opulent option. For information on our portfolios or to receive updates on our most recent initiatives, get in touch with our company experts for a free consultation.

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