8 Kitchen Layout Errors To Avoid When Designing Your Home


Homeowners rarely give much thought to the layout of the kitchen when building the house, despite it being one of the busiest and the most significant parts of the house. These kitchen design flaws not only decrease the value of your entire home but also necessitate higher renovation costs. Not to mention, issues with kitchen layouts are difficult to resolve unless you want to take on a major remodeling project.

Avoid common kitchen design errors


Kitchens with poor design are not popular. Here are some common kitchen planning errors you should avoid making while building your home if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on repairs and upgrades.

  • Kitchen work triangle obstruction
  • Ignoring the need for ventilation
  • A bad lighting setup
  • Insufficient electrical outlets
  • Wasting valuable storage space by not measuring the appliances in advance
  • Absence of a backsplash
  • Trend-following over functionality

Let’s talk about how to fix an uncoordinated kitchen layout by avoiding these design blunders.

Obstructing the work triangle in the kitchen 

Planning the kitchen work triangle attentively is one of the best layout design recommendations anyone can give you. If you’re wondering what that is, professionals refer to the sink, oven, and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle’s three points because these areas are used the most frequently when cooking.

Make sure there is nothing blocking easy access between these three areas of your kitchen when positioning the arrangement. Given that it has an instant effect on functionality, this is definitely among the most frequent kitchen blunders to avoid. Professionals advise that a kitchen triangle’s total corners should be greater than 10 feet or less than 25 feet. This is due to the fact that a huge work triangle will make preparing food a taxing effort and a tiny space will prevent people from moving around the kitchen easily.

Not carefully monitoring ventilation 

Who wants to wake up to the smell of last night’s food still in the kitchen? If this is a problem in your home, you have made one of the worst and potentially fatal kitchen design errors.

An efficient ventilation system and sufficient airflow are required in kitchens. The absence of open windows, exhaust fans, or range hoods above your cooking area is the biggest illustration of a poor kitchen plan. Remember that a poorly ventilated kitchen can quickly become smoke-filled and can also transmit unpleasant odors throughout your home, especially if the kitchen is open to the living room.

It is also a dangerous kitchen layout error, especially in the event of a grease fire, which might later cause your entire house to catch fire. 

An inadequate electrical plan 


As we all know, strategically placed lighting fixtures and the appropriate bulbs may suddenly brighten the appearance of your entire home. The kitchen is the same way. However, in this scenario, insufficient lighting can cause an accident if the person cutting or cooking cannot see clearly in addition to making the space look small and claustrophobic.

The truth is that you cannot afford to have a dull and dark kitchen. You must thus invest in hanging pendant lights above your kitchen’s key components, such as the countertops, island, and sink if you want to avoid committing this design error.

Since LED lights are brighter and more affordable than normal bulbs, you can also use them in place of them. Not to add, a well-designed, well-lit kitchen with attractive lighting fixtures will improve the appearance of your home as a whole.

Insufficient electric ports 

When planning the arrangement of your home, one of the most frequent errors in kitchen design is to leave this out. Make sure your kitchen has enough electrical outlets for both small and large electrical appliances. While most people install separate outlets for their microwaves, deep freezers, and refrigerators, they frequently forget to do the same for smaller appliances like juicers, toasters, blenders, and sandwich makers.

Although you don’t necessarily need a separate socket for each of these items, make sure there are plenty of them strategically located close to the counters where you’ll be utilizing these gadgets. For a neater, more modern kitchen, you may also cover up these electrical outlets.

Waste of prime storage area

When it comes to the kitchen, specifically, there is no such thing as too much storage space. In fact, underestimating the amount of storage you’ll need is one of the top kitchen design blunders to avoid.

Built-in appliances, such as a fridge and oven can not only make your décor look wonderfully put together but also save up a lot of space if you’re opting for a sleek kitchen layout. Similar to hiding garbage cans and smaller appliances behind cabinet doors, hiding these items will help your kitchen appear much less cluttered.

Additionally, you can ask your builder to add drawers to the kitchen island and create long, sliding shelves for spices and cooking supplies in the room’s vacant corners. Simply add some moldings or build a few cabinets on top of the vacant space above the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator to use for storage.

A further error in the kitchen design is having too many exposed shelves. Despite the fact that they give the impression of space and can enhance your décor if appropriately furnished, they are not the best option for storage.

Not measuring the appliances in advance


Does your counter area appear crowded or inadequate to accommodate your appliances and other culinary tools? Well, while you were building your house, you should have paid closer attention to its measurements.

Another common kitchen design error to avoid when building a house is not measuring minor appliances like microwaves and toasters in advance. These items will just accumulate on your countertop and make your kitchen appear cluttered and disorganized if you don’t set aside a special area for them. The same holds true for silverware and kitchen tools.

What you need to do is choose your appliances in advance, measure them, and then fit them into hidden cabinets as necessary. Additionally, this will make room for your countertops. It will not be inexpensive by any means to remodel a countertop. However, there are several methods you may employ, such as adding vertical storage and ceiling-mounted racks, to increase the amount of kitchen counter space.

Lack of a backsplash 


It goes without saying that heat, steam, water, and grease may pretty much harm any kind of paint or wallpaper, so you must put a tile or plastic backsplash above your stove and behind your sink. Not only will it simplify the cleaning process, but it will also spruce up your kitchen with color and texture. Additionally, it will shield your walls from any long-term harm. Using a subway tile backsplash is one of those unusual kitchen design ideas that will never go out of style if you want to go for a classic and cozy kitchen.

Trends are preferred over functionality

It goes without saying that when it comes to kitchen layouts, utility must take precedence over trends. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners make this error when planning a kitchen. Although it makes perfect sense that you would want your new home to reflect all of the newest trends, you must also ensure that your kitchen is functional and doesn’t restrict your movement. Check the positioning and measurements of any counters you have included in your layout to make sure you won’t have any trouble navigating the kitchen in the future.

Although functionality comes first, your decor doesn’t have to be compromised. Here are some tips to Decorate Your Home With 13 Useful Tips and Tricks in the meantime, be sure to visit Nexus Blog, Dubai’s top blog for all housing needs, for more helpful content continue reading our blogs.

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